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Spectacular with the backdrop of limestone mountains.Towering amid the emerald lake Revealing the true scenery and beauty of the Cheow Lan Lake This luxurious lake resort is located in the heart of Cheow Lan Lake.


Takes only 45 minutes from the pier.You can kayak just 15 minutes to reach Frog Island, a popular viewpoint. And a 15-minute boat ride to Visit cheow lan view point at KAO SAM KLUR and 15 minutes from our floating resort to Coral cave, an important landmark here.


This landmark Panvaree Resort is perfect for those who want a good time Far away from chaos Able to rest in every season As well as serving local southern food Provide attentive and warm service from all staff.


For this reason, it is the perfect place to relax , change the atmosphere.To find a wonderful and memorable experience

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